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Private shellfish supplies from Walrus Fisheries

If you fancy a treat, are planning a feast for a special occasion, or just think you deserve it (!), why not order some North Devon Lobster or Lundy Crab – delivered straight from our boat to your doorstep!

When delivering to private customers, we do ask for a minimum order of £35 within a 5 mile radius of Ilfracombe harbour, and £50 within a 10 mile radius - see prices and delivery areas below.

If you prefer to collect your shellfish (we are located close to Ilfracombe harbour on Fore Street), then no minimum order applies - just phone beforehand and we will have it ready for you to pick up at your convenience.

We regret that we cannot deliver to private customers outside a 10 mile radius of Ilfracombe harbour. If, however, you are planning a large celebration or private function, please do feel free to contact us and we would be happy to make a one-off arrangement for you.
Please note – we do not sell cooked Lobster or Crab –live deliveries only.
For cooked lobster and crab, please contact Mor-Shellfish-T-Eat on 01271 870633 - you can collect cooked lobster and dressed crab from their shop in Mortehoe village. Visit their web site for more information www.mortehoeshellfish.co.uk


Price (£ per Kg)

Lobster (select)


Lobster (cripple – one claw)


Brown Crab (cock)


Brown Crab (hen)


Spider Crab



Distance from Ilfracombe harbour


Up to 5 miles

Ilfracombe, Hele, Lee, Combe Martin, Berrynarbour

5-10 miles

Woolacombe, Mortehoe, Croyde, Saunton, Georgeham, Braunton

We also ask you to please prepare lobsters and crabs in a humane way. Please take time to read the information summarised below;


Humane Treatment of Lobsters and Crabs

There are a number of different views on how lobster and crabs should be dispatched – we do not believe drowning in fresh water or dropping them alive into boiling water is an acceptable practice since this undoubtedly causes much distress. And placing them on the barbecue whilst still alive is also totally unacceptable! (see cooking and preparation below).
We place our lobsters in a freezer for 15-20 mins which slows down their metabolism and induces a sleep-like state. Once they have reached this state, they are then cooked without knowing it. Times will vary with the temperature of your freezer of course and the number of lobsters you are preparing. Regular checking is essential. 
The RSPCA states that the main body of evidence recommends up to 2 hours in the freezer with regular checking until they have become insensible (although in our opinion, this length of time is rather excessive - you don't want to freeze them!). This state is characterised by the following;

•No resistance to handling, for example, there is no resistance to the movement of the tail or abdomen

• No control of limb movement

• No eye reactions when the shells are tapped

• No reaction when the animals are touched around the mouth parts


 Crabs can be killed very quickly and effectively by the following method: Place the crab on its back with the legs upwards. Towards the back of the shell there is a small pointed flap, under which is a small hole. A small screwdriver can be placed through this hole in the shell and pushed down sharply until it hits the other side of the shell. The screw driver should be immediately moved sharply towards the back of the shell before withdrawing. The crab can be turned rightside up and allowed to drain before cooking. This whole process should be carried out definately and swiftly, and take no longer than a few seconds.



Cooking and preparation of lobster and crabs
There are a number of good web sites giving step by step guidance on how to cook the pre-chilled lobsters and crabs, and also how to prepare the cooked meat, often with pictures to help you if you are not familiar with this procedure. Try the web sites on our "useful links" page on as a starting point.
When cooking lobster or crab, always plunge headfirst into rapidly boiling water and start timing immediately. As a rough guide, we tend to cook our lobster and crab alittle less than the usual recommendations - approximately 8-10 min for a 1kg Lobster, 6 min for a 0.5kg lobster and 8-10 min for a medium to large crab, before removing and plunging into cool water to stop the cooking process. Cooking time however, is really down to personal taste so don't be influenced by us!
If you wish to barbecue your lobster, we recommend you bring a large saucepan of fresh water to the boil, drop the pre-chilled lobster in and boil for 2-5 minutes. The lobster can then be cut in half lengthwise and placed on the barbecue.

 Please note – lobsters and crabs should be cooked within a day of delivery and eaten within 2 days of being cooked. Keep refrigerated at all times.


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